Gentle Reminders

Dear Climbers & Guests of Bivy,

Welcome to The Bivy! Following are some gentle reminders for staying with us:


The Bivy has limited beds so please contact us to check for availability prior to your arrival to avoid disappointment. If you arrive as a walk-in, chances are we may not be in so give us a ring before making your way here!

Cancellation Policy

Please inform us at least 7 days prior to your stay.

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in: 5pm, Check-out: 10am

Please inform us your estimated time of arrival so that we know when to expect you. Additional instructions will be given in times when we could not be present, thank you for your understanding!

Toilet Habits

Please keep our toilets choke-free by throwing only toilet papers into the toilet bowls. Discard sanitary napkins, facial tissue papers and other trash in the bins available in the bathrooms.

Disposal of Trash & Recyclable Items

We have separate bins for trash and recyclable items (paper, plastic, glass & aluminum cans).


Lockers are available in the Dorm for storage. Please keep your valuables with care. The caretakers and owners of The Bivy cannot guarantee the security of your belongings and are not responsible for any lost valuable or item.

House Rules

  1. Quiet hours: 11pm to 7am
  2. No smoking nor cooking in the house
  3. No eating and drinking in the rooms
  4. Please wear indoor footwear (available at The Bivy) or go barefoot in the house
  5. We love animals but please keep all pets outside the house
  6. Save the earth! Please switch off the air-conditioner, lights & all electrical devices (except wifi router) before leaving the house
  7. Please use water sparingly

Thank you for your cooperation and have an enjoyable stay with us!