Latest Updates

18 April 2018: Amendment to Time Schedule of Bus 1811 

Please take note of the following changes to the bus schedule of Kuokuang Bus 1811 from Taipei Main Station to Longdong. The first bus now departs the terminal at 8.50am (instead of 8.20am) and the next one comes at 10.20am (no more bus at 9.20am).

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 16.05.23

For buses from Longdong back to Taipei Main Station, these are the timings that depart from the terminal, so add about 1.5hr to the timings below for arrivals at Longdong

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 16.06.37

These timings apply to weekdays, weekends & national holidays unless otherwise stated.

10 April 2018: Closure of Grand Auditorium (effective from Feb to end Jun)

Once again, Grand Auditorium is closed for the yearly nesting season of the local peregrines. Please refrain from climbing and flying drones at this sector. Be mindful of climbing at First Cave and topping out on some climbs, e.g. Commissary Crack, since you could gain unwanted attention for climbing at Grand Auditorium mistakenly by visitors from the pavilions above.