Welcome to The Bivy!

The Bivy is a quaint rest stop located in the little fishing village of Bitoujiao, 5 minutes drive from Long Dong (Dragon’s Cave).

The hostel is set up by husband-and-wife Singaporean climbers, Qx and Kelly in May 2015. The couple first visited Long Dong in December 2010 and found themselves returning to this beautiful crag year after year. Five years later, they finally decided to set up a base and welcomed their first group of guests at The Bivy.

The Bivy is the first hostel around Long Dong that is designed for climbers. It aims to be the home away from home for all climbers by offering a relaxed, clean and convenient environment for everyone to rest and recharge after each your climbing day.

We hope to share with all climbers the beauty of this world-class climbing site, which has been kept pretty much unnoticed for a long while. And also, to cultivate the appreciation of leading a simple and basic lifestyle in a local fishing village.

The owners and caretakers of The Bivy are avid climbers, and speak English. If you have any questions about climbing at Long Dong, we welcome you to write in to us by going to “Enquiries“, or send an email to us at thebivytaiwan@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!



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