#LDlifehacks: Food

Food around Longdong I: 新味小吃 Xin Wei Self-Service Bento Shop

One of our favorite eateries around LD! Easily overlooked on your drive to LD, Xin Wei Bento Shop is located across Longdong Ocean Park Bay right next to a bus stop after Bitou Tunnel, a convenient spot to pack lunch in to LD and to enjoy the luxury of having a hearty meal at the crags. For exact location: https://www.google.com.tw/maps/place/新味小吃/@25.1172068,121.9150932,18z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1z6b6N5rSe6Lev!3m4!1s0x345d439c80440475:0x3f87f7c74d553c89!8m2!3d25.1175728!4d121.9159082?hl=en


Look out to your right past Bitou Tunnel. No signboard!

The shop offers a great variety of dishes from stir-fired vegetables, tofu, braised pork knuckles, chicken drumstick to fried fish, to go with typically rice which you can ask to replace with vermicelli. This is a great option if you are vegetarian or you can’t speak Mandarin (or both :)), since all you have to do is stand in line and pick your favourite dishes. Bento shops typically charge according to the number of dishes you select (vegetables cheapest and seafood the most expensive) and the portion you take. In small villages like Longdong, a bento box with an average selection of food typically costs less than NT100.



We call it the “Happiness Bento”

The bento shop is open for breakfast and lunch, so make sure you’re there early (which usually shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re at LD for a afternoon climb) since most of the food run out at about 1pm. There are some spaces to pull out right in front of the bento shop, or if not you could park your car by the side of the road.

新味小吃 Xin Wei Bento Shop

Tel: 02 2490 9606

Add: No. 40, Longdone Street, Gongliao District, New Taipei City 228

Operating hours: Daily 5.30am – 2.30pm (be there before 1pm for more food selection!)

Bon Appetit!


This is MINE!


Like most bento shops, this one uses disposables even if you are eating in. Do your part in reducing waste by bringing your own lunch box and cutlery!